My name is Konstantin Dediukhin and I’m a solo game developer, working under kpded nickname. I develop HTML5 games, including programming and art.

I’m developing games with unconventional gameplay and unique art style. If you are interested in any sort of cooperation with me please send me an e-mail, or contact me via social media.

Rocketate Next

Rotate the maze and run through it, while moving wood boxes and planks. Avoid electric cables, boxes and moving electric boxes. Use your fuel wisely. Get through 60 levels with increasing difficulty

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Rotate the world and use your jetpack to get to the finish. Move wood boxes and sticks, avoid electric cables. Use your fuel wisely

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Mow it! Lawn puzzle

Mow all the lawns without crossing electric cable of your lawn mower. Sounds easy, right? But what about controlling two mowers at the same time? Welcome to the ultimate lawn mowing challenge!

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Mind relocation experiment went completely wrong – a scientist is trapped inside a hamster’s body. Help science and save this hapless fellow! Take control of a hamster and help it go through 100 levels of mazes with movable walls, portal brainteasers and (spoiler alert) even extraterrestrial threat

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Football juggle

Juggle the ball and perform amazing soccer juggling tricks. Draw a crowd around you and impress your audience. Master your skills to make more and more advanced tricks

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Gravity Ride

Gravity Ride is arcade spaceship control simulator that could help wannabe spaceship pilots to learn the way to use gravity in travel through the space. You start as a newly-recruited cadet in charge of a vessel responsible for gathering minerals critical to the Great Republic. Your goal sounds simple: collect space minerals and make it to the finish gate to warp to the next zone. However, hostile planets, asteroids, limited fuel, and even gravity itself stand in your way. Making smart choices in challenging situations will lead to your triumph. Good luck, cadet!

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